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As many of you will soon notice, the SocialOomph website is no longer a free service. I have yet to find a free service to fill the gap for auto-replies as originally outlined in this post. However, my Twitter auto replies are now 100% handled byTweetAdder“. This is a software that you run on your own computer (Mac or Windows) and you can set automated task to handle all your Twitter needs. I use it to 1) find users and follow them 2) un-follow users who do not follow back after a specific time 3) send out customized tweets to new followers automatically after a certain time. There’s a lot more you can do with the software but I keep it to the above 3 simple tasks.

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I’ve been using TweetAdder for over a year and it just works and is constantly updated. Check out TweetAdder hereTwitter Auto-Reply Software


Great news! The developer of TweetAdder software offered a 20% discount code for my blog readers. Just go to TweetAdder and enter the code “BRI20” while checking out to enjoy the 20% discount. This is a very limited time code so grab it quick before it expires! :)

Firstly, for Non-Twitter Users:

I resisted it at first but now I find that I am a raving fan of Twitter. If you are not using Twitter yet, take my advice and just do it. Even if you don’t plan to Twitter much yet, just register to make sure you grab a user name that’s close to yours. You’ll thank me later for this piece of advice. So go ahead, create a Twitter account for free and “follow” a few active Twitter users to appreciate what it does.

Now for Twitter Users:

Have you ever noticed how when you “follow” certain Twitter users, you will get an immediate reply saying something like “Thanks for following me”. And also, you may find that these users also seem to immediately respond by “following” you too. Do you want to know how to do it too?

Chances are, these user are using a free service from

(*Update: Tweetlater has since been renamed “SocialOomph“. The previous link above should still redirect to the new site and the service still works as before.*)

This service allows you to do 3 things:

  1. Automatically respond to your followers with a personal message
  2. Automatically “follow” your “followers”
  3. Submit a Twitter message to be published at a later time

Twit Later

You can also manage multiple Twitter accounts from this site. For example if you have a Twitter Account for yourself and one for your business.

Follow me on Twitter to see a demo of how it works. You’ll get a reciprocal follow from me. :)

Brian Wong
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47 thoughts on “Twitter – How To Auto-Reply And Auto Follow

  1. candy

    thanks! had never heard of this tool before (I’m new to the social media world) – and am scurrying off to try it out right now! just followed you on twitter :-)

  2. Lindy Wiseman

    I manage two Twitter accounts (personal and business). I tried setting it up on my business account without luck. I then used your demo “Follow Me On Twitter” on my personal account – have yet to get the Direct Message from you – seems it’s not working either. Yet, a few days ago another Twitter account I began to follow did send me an automated direct reply – not sure if it was TweetLater he was using or not (which is what sparked my interest in the first place). Any ideas?

  3. Zaldy

    I was wondering how those guys were doing it, I thought it was done manually, thanks for the tip. I’ll set mine now.

    Btw, I am now following you!

  4. Xurxo Vidal

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for giving us a run down of this tool. Started using it and found that it’s a great service.

    Also followed you!


  5. Justin

    Whoa… this site is pretty awesome :) your layout is really well designed, and your blogs are (judging from what i’ve read) very interesting. heehee… consider yourself favorited. :-P

  6. Da Mooney

    I was looking on how to do Twitter auto-reply and found this page from google. Thank you for the tips. I haven’t try that and I heard there is another one called Personally, I never try both of them.

    Will the auto-reply not annoyed some people?

    I do, specially when I try to follow many people and most of them have auto-reply. I get hundreds of direct messages daily.

  7. marvinsutherland

    Hi Brain,
    Thanks for your tips. i've set up tweetlater in minuets. It's frees up my time!!

    Marvin Sutherland
    The Netherlands

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  9. Nikolas Allen

    After scouring the Twitter site and not finding anything on Auto Reply, I Googled it and came across your site.

    Glad I did! Looks like you’ve got plenty of relevant, high-quality content that will be very helpful.

    As for Auto Follow, hmmmm, I think I may want to be a bit more selective and stick to manual follow.

    Thanks for sharing!


  10. Ekaterina Walter

    Good post!

    Personally I am not that fond of auto DMs. It is not personal and after a while looks like spam/clutter. But I use SocialOomph service for its other features.


  11. Zach

    Just in case everyone hasn’t figured it out yet. If it seems like your auto settings aren’t working, it just takes time.

    The system checks for new followers once every several hours. Once it has identified new followers, it applies your automation settings to those new followers.

    Select “Social Accounts, Automation Stats” from the menu. It will always tell you when your last new follower check was done, and when the next one is due.

    Just in case anyone has just set up an account and noticed your direct messages weren’t showing. ; )

  12. Louisa

    Thanks Zach, that has been driving me made wondering why the DMs haven’t been sent. Can’t the program check more frequently though?

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  14. Kirsty Wilson

    Yes, SocialOomph is no longer offering a free auto welcome DM. I noticed this last week they’re now charging $3.97pm for this feature. A real nuisance as this was part of my social media packages I included for new clients.

  15. Nathan

    If anyone finds a free option instead of the $3.97 for auto welcome please let me know (@ngreene) … I would love to include a call-out to my blog, but not for $50+ per year.

  16. Good

    Snap… also looking for a free auto reply service… agree that $50+ per year for something that is standard on email seems overprices. $3.97 for the entire year…maybe.

  17. Zero Passive Income

    I just joined twitter and it’s overwhelming. So I looked for a way to auto follow people who are following me, and I found this post. Unfortunately, the website you tell us to use is charging for the auto re-follow feature. is there another alternative that’s free?

  18. Daniela

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for this useful information. It seems that Social Oomph requires that you pay a small fee (I believe it’s $3.95) for the DM Automation for Twitter.

    In your article you mentioned it was free. I believe it used to be, but not anymore. Do you know of any other ways to Automate/Edit DM’s in Twitter?

  19. Brian Wong Post author

    Hi Daniela – as mentioned in my note in red above, I have since moved to use the Tweet Adder software to manage all my Twitter marketing. Its not free but its only a small one-time payment and it works very well.

  20. Lea

    I was thinking about doing this but I read somewhere that people tend to find auto DMs annoying. So I’m not sure about it. But good info.

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