Rise of the Electric Vehicles

Recently, I’ve become infatuated with electric skateboards and other “electric” vehicles. I’ve been riding for an hour each morning over the last 2 weeks and I’m now thoroughly convinced that the range and reliability of these electric powered vehicles is good enough to replace fossil fuel based vehicles for personal transportation.

Check out the video below of some fun I’ve been having each morning.

It costs about $950 to get an electric skateboard. It may sound a tad expensive for a skateboard but its more fun to me than say – snowboarding or wake boarding. So considering the cost of lift tickets, ski passes and boat rentals – this investment is a real steal since I can do it anytime and anywhere there’s a nice road or park!

My electric skateboard is made by a guy by the name of Ilan Sabar from Washington. He makes these boards in a basement workshop and he’s shipped more than 500 already.

You see, the electric motors and lithium batteries all come from factories in China where they are producing them at an affordable price. Guys like Ilan are just finding innovative ways to use them on skateboards, scooters, bicycles and many other types of wheel based vehicles. Heck, if you had a small workshop, you could probably hack some of these together yourself too!

The point is, that if the technology can be used by individuals to create such efficient (and fun) electric powered transportation, I think the only reason why larger transport vehicle manufacturers have not embraced electric motor vehicles is due to reasons other than technology. Most likely because they have HUGE amounts of sunk costs in the “traditional” way of manufacturing their vehicles.

But for me, I’m sold. I’m definitely excited about a greener and quieter future of transportation.

In the meantime – check out some of the other electric vehicles that I think are pretty amazing:

The Solo Wheel:

The Yike Bike:

Stealth Electric Bikes:


What do you think? Will you get one of these?


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5 thoughts on “Rise of the Electric Vehicles

  1. Shah

    I have one! Brought it back home from Aussie. Love em! we should go cruising together as not many people have em here in Malaysia!

  2. Shah

    I got mine from Drivenboards, the 600w. Its a hassle carrying em around considering the weight is near 20kg as it uses the acid battery. Evolve skateboards has come out with better technology where the weight is only 8kg! and using non acid light weight battery. You can actually carry them like a normal skateboard.

  3. Charley Clift

    Hey Brian,

    Another great post and I loved the video of you on the electric skateboard! Going GREEN is definitely where it’s at… what is the brand of board you are riding? Also, I see you have the SoloWheel, YikeBike, and Stealth Electric Bikes but what about the new EcoBoomer iGO Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle? If you haven’t seen this super cool, one wheeled electric unicycle you really need to check it out!

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