How to Make a Great Facebook Fan Page – Five Essential Tips

Facebook is awesome. Its hard to deny that. I use it (like most people) to connect with friends and family near and far. But I also use it for my business connections and for networking. Its a good idea to keep these two groups separate. Here’s a blog post I wrote some time back about why to keep your personal and business Facebook activity separate.

So if you’re going to create a fan page, how do you make a Facebook Page that your fans will like (literally)? Here are 5 essential “best-practice” tips I can offer to you to make a Facebook fan page that actually works:

Tip #1: The Facebook Page Profile Picture

  • Include a profile picture that gives your visitors information about what you are about. Tell your visitors what they will get by connecting with your page.
  • The largest size possible for a profile picture is 200 pixels wide and 600 pixels tall. So make full use of that space.
  • You could also use a QR Code in your profile picture so your fans can add you to their contact list easily. Here’s a blog post about how to make use of QR codes.
  • Finally, you can crop your larger profile picture so that the thumbnail that appears in your status updates appears like a normal head shot. This option automatically appears after you upload a new profile picture. But if you need to access it, just go to “edit page” then click on the “profile picture” option then click on “Edit Thumbnai”


Tip #2: The Facebook Landing Page (Static HTML Version)

  • By default, you landing page is your fan page wall. But in the “Manage Permissions” section, you can select a page to use as a welcome page for your visitors. You can use this page to tell them why they should join your page.


  • You could also add free apps like: Static HTML: iframe tabs app to your page. With this app, you can show non-fans a different page and send them to another HTML page after they click on the like button. This tool allows you to create incentives like give away free reports, or have your fans sign up to an autoresponder newsletter.


  • For my own fan page – I kept it simple by creating a cheeky graphic asking “are you awesome?” and if you click on the “like” button, the next graphic shows “Yes, you are awesome!” page. You can check out my fan page here:


Tip #3: Use Facebook as Your Fan Page (Instead of Your Profile Page)

  • When you log in as the admin of your page, you can click on the option on the right sidebar to use Facebook as your fan page. This allows you to tag photos, leave wall posts, likes and other Facebook actions on other pages that lead back to your page.
  • So use this option to tag photos you have with other people who already have a lot of friends or famous people with a lot of fans. You can also interact by adding valuable content on wall posts or useful links and videos on other Facebook pages. This will show a little bit about what you are about, and lead traffic back to your fan page.
  • Don’t worry – you can switch back and forth between using FB as your fan page and as your own personal profile anytime and as often as you wish.


Tip #4: Use the Facebook Page Photo Wall to You Advantage

  • Facebook displays your 5 most recent photos on the front page of your fan page. Instead of randomly allowing Facebook to select the photos, you could upload and select photos that best reflect what your page is about. You do this by putting your mouse over the top right of any photo you want removed and click on the “x” to remove it. Repeat this until you are left with just the photos that you want to display. If you make a mistake, then go to “edit page” and click on the “profile picture” option. Below it, you will see an option to “unhide” all those photos you removed earlier.
  • How to use the photo wall? For example, you could include product images, photos of your facilities and any other photos that would tell your fans what your page is about. On the description of each of those photos, you should add a link or marketing information.
  • You could also create separate fan pages for each of your key products and tag them from your main page.


Tip #5: Make Use of the Left Sidebar Elements

  • On the left sidebar of your page, you can add a short paragraph to describe what your fan page is about. Don’t leave that blank.
  • Also you could add apps that link to your other social media sites like YouTube, Twitter of your blog if you have one (you should have one).
  • You could add other useful apps like slideshare app that allows you to include your presentation slides from for example.
  • In any case, the goal here is to show that your fan page is content rich so your visitor will be happy to become a fan.


Tip #6: Grab Your Preferred Facebook Page Name

  • I know I said 5 tips but I left out the most important one – grab a nickname for your page URL.
  • Facebook requires your page to have at least 25 fans before you can do this.
  • So as soon as you reach 25 fans (get your buddies to fan it) – go to and select a name for your page.
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