How to Create Stylish Presentations on Facebook Timeline Pages

Here’s a simple and yet very effective Facebook marketing tip – display a short presentation on your Facebook Page Timeline using photos.

Now, why would you want to do this? First and foremost, its extremely eye catching when viewing the timeline. Here’s an example of what it looks like.

Facebook Timeline

Because it really stands out, visitors are more inclined to “like” your page or engage with you if they like your presentation.

Secondly, when clicked, the user will view the photo series in the “lightbox” view. This is exactly like a presentation and the description and user comments are shown oon the right. At this stage, the visitor is likely to comment, like or share any or all of the photos.

Again, this will broadcast your page and brand on your visitors profile page. You can also display hyperlinks in the description if you want to drive traffic to you other web properties.

Facebook Pages Timeline

Its also a great way to showcase your expertise on a particular subject. Doing it in a cool an innovative way will also boost credibility and reputation.

So here’s how to set this up for your Facebook page:

Step 1: Create a Presentation on Keynote or Powerpoint

Keynote and Powerpoint both have some very stylish themes to create graphic intensive presentations.

Apple Keynote Themes

The key here is to keep it simple and ensure that your presentation topic is relevant to your market. Make sure each slide has ONE main point and ONE sub-point. Use lots of images to illustrate these points.

Step 2: Export the Photos as Images

Once you’re done creating your presentation in Keynote (or Powerpoint), export the presentation as images. Here’s a short note about the sizes. If you want the full image to be shown on the cover, then your images should be 840px wide by 400 px tall.

Apple Keynote Export Images

I like to stick to the default 1024 x 768 screen resolution in Keynote because I’m just too lazy to edit these in Photoshop. However, I turn that into an advantage because I leave the most important content on the part of the image that is visible. When they user clicks on the image and sees the image in the lightbox, the bottom of the image is revealed and I place instructions there to  click to scroll through the photos.

Step 3: Upload the Images to Facebook in a New Album

The exported slides are automatically numbered by Keynote in sequence. So just upload them to a new album.

Make sure that you upload them chronologically. It can be either the last slide first or the first slide first. This is because Facebook gives you the option to sort either way as long as they are in order.

Upload High Quality to Facebook

Also, check the upload the images in “high quality” option so that the full detail in each slide is revealed.

Step 4: Edit the Descriptions of Each Album

Once, you photos are uploaded, its time to edit the album. The title and description is very important because this summary is what your visitors will see and also what your visitors friends will see when the album is shared.

In this step, you will also tell Facebook which album to use as the cover -make sure the correct one is chosen.

Finally, you can also add a description to each photo. This will appear as slide notes when the user is viewing them. The great thing here is that you are free to use hyperlinks so that you can link to your other web properties from the description.

Facebook Photo Album Edit

Step 5: Feature the Album on Your Timeline

Lastly, once your edits are done, you should click on the start icon on the top right of the album and choose to highlight this album. Your cover photo will now take over the full width of your timeline and the other slides are displayed as thumbnails beneath it.

Highlighting Posts in Facebook Timeline

Now you’re all set! Good job!

If you want to see what this looks like live – visit my Facebook Timeline here. By the way, don’t forget to “like” my page to get more marketing tips and strategies.



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8 thoughts on “How to Create Stylish Presentations on Facebook Timeline Pages

  1. Adam

    I just saw a presentation like this from North Social yesterday. Very cool and thanks for the quick tutorial on how to put one of these together. Nice redesign BTW…Clean & Simple is always good!

  2. Brian Wong Post author

    Hi Adam – glad you liked the tutorial. And thanks for noticing the blog re-design. Yes, I decided to cut out all the clutter so readers can focus on the content. Its still a work in progress so I appreciate the encouragement. :)

  3. Brandon

    Great tip Brian… I am going to try and implement this on all my Facebook landing pages try and get a better initial response from the user…

    This is an excellent way to get people to stick around past the initial 7-10s first impression we get, and should work out well for me.


  4. Carlos

    This is so freaking cool!! This is exactly the kind of thing that I think will convert lurkers into likes and even blog subscribers, I just have to create a cool presentation.

    This is the spark my new FB page needed thanks so much!!

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  6. pratas

    This is a great post! I am going to use your tips on my page this weekend and I will let you know later how it is working . I am looking forward to your next tips. Thanks again

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